it is that time of the year again, the mornings and evenings (in fact all day) has started to feel chilly. So while shopping in town yesterday, I checked out on this season’s slippers and found these gorgeous eskimo furry slippers from Topshop. These would definitely keep your feet warm in winter and it looks so cute. I would buy one if they do them in a outdoor version too!


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I never thought much of square faced cats but the cats in these photos are so cute! The owner’s beautiful photos has captured their personality really well. Think they are a bit of a celeb as well, with a blog and a website dedicated to them!

Ok, I know it’s not really to do with design, but the photos are really good and these photos really cheered me up.

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Jen Alterman is a talented photographer based in the US. I was blown away by her beautiful photos the second I laid eyes on them!

Check out more photos at her shop & her blog.

One of the places to get cheap good quality prints is V&A prints. It is a great place to find retro posters, art deco prints and vintage black and white fashion photography.

The floral prints tend to be the old text book botanical pictures but I found these two “Chinese Wallpaper” prints which I really love!

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Walked into Habitat today to kill a bit of time and saw the garland light in the shop. Suddenly reminded me the great man behind the design himself – Tord Boontje. Ok, I know he’s been around for a few years now but I just love his work, especially the lights.


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Saw this on the Culture Show a few months ago and the website has now been updated with this year’s photos. displays the work of Rotterdam-based photographer Ari Versluis and stylist Ellie Uyttenbroek, it defines some social groups perfect with photos of real people found on the streets as proof!

My favorite one is this, the name of the social group is Bu Ying! Not sure what that means but to me it says “rich chinese girls with expensive designer bags!”

Why do they (we) find the designer bags irresistible? even the ones who know nothing about fashion, is it a symbolism thing? The victims of the luring luxury brand images? To establish the wealth? Who knows, I am no sociologist or is it psychologist?

For the pattern & vintage design lovers amongst us…



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